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  • Plexiglas (yes, only one "s") and Lexan are trade names...like Cambell's is to "soup" or Coke is to "drink". We do have these products available in various thickness's, as well as Plexi-mirror. 
  • Since "Tempered" glass is a safety product it cannot be cut down to another size. Any attempt to cut it down, could result in the glass blowing up into thousands of pieces...such as the glass in door's, patio tables, and car window's. Most of the time you can identify a piece of "tempered" glass by the "logo" in one of the corners. The "logo" in some pieces of "tempered" items will be missing...because it would be distracting. When it doubt, bring the item in for testing.
  • Measuring....It is a common industry standard to measure and give the width before the height or depth. In the glass industry in reference to patterned glass, the glass pattern can be directional, and if not discussed, the customer could end up with a costly mistake...and bad feelings. If there is an inset where glass will go, it is a good idea to get the measurement of the depth, so that the correct thickness will be ordered.
  • Furniture Covers....are usually made with 1/4" clear plate glass with a polished edge. If a piece of furniture has a pattern to it (other than stright lines), then a paper pattern will need to be made. Accent Glass can provide the customer with paper to make their pattern at no charge. If all the edges are straight like a rectangle, but the corners are rounded, then all we would need would be a small pattern of the corners. Of course, the exact measurements of the piece of furniture would need to be provided.