"We Customize Your Idea's"
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We are a full service glass company helping our customer's design, develop, and bring their idea's to reality. We are fully prepared to listen and give you a professional opinion on the idea's and specification's you present to us. Simply come in or e-mail question's. We welcome the opportunity to help. Here is a list of some of the services that we can provide.
  • Storefront design, construction, maintenance and repair.
  • Design and develop custom shower enclosures. We offer free estimates and recommendation's as to which hinges and accessories will be compatiable to a functional design.
  • We also design custom made mirror's with the ability to make panels/tiles in squares or diamond shapes with the use of rosettes and a painted frame to most any color (see photo gallery). Our antique mirror is of the highest quality with an electro-plated backing that ensures long-lasting quality unlike many home-made made to order type that are simply stripped of the mirror backing and painted. Because their is no electro-painted back, they will fade and discolor more quickly in a shorter period of time.
  • We have the ability to bend acrylic (plexiglas) to unique shapes. (see picture gallery)
  • We also do aquarium glass repair, such as drilling new holes or providing new notched tops to accept new fittings.
  • We can replace your broken side-view mirror which can save you hundred's of dollar's. Either you can bring in a template for us to cut or we can make the pattern and install. We can only do flat mirror's. Can not provide new heated, electrical, convex, curved mirror's or the frame part. This service is simply an inexpensive replacement which in many cases we can apply directly to the face of the old cracked mirror. The average cost of this service is approximately $30.00. We can also ship to most anywhere. All we need is a pattern supplied by you, and we will provide the mirror, two-sided tape, small tube of silicone and instruction's to make the install. This service is $38.00 plus shipping. Large truck mirror's are more. Call or e-mail for a quote.
  • Doing the "Green". Green recyling starts when trying to use used materials. We offer recycling  of old glass. We can cut down your old glass (non-tempered) or mirror to most any size or shape...not only saving you money, you also become environmentally conscious.  Many customer's find smaller tables and frames that they can add their glass to. Also, many times customers call-in to state that they have a black edge at the bottom of their mirror due to moisture exposure in their bathroom area. What we can do is either cut the bottom edge off or add bevel strips around the perimeter of the mirror to save the use of the mirror and save more money. We can cut thicknesses from 1/16" to 1/2". We can also cut-down glass bottles or vases, chipped edges from decantor's, crystal wine glasses, or glass lamp bases. We have done all types of cuts to unique glass goods (see picture gallery)...just bring in what you have and let us take a look and we'll advise you if we can do. We are excellent at this service, but we cannot take responsibility for accidents.
           * Did you know that there may be tax credits and rebates available to you as well.
              You can visit www.dsireusa.org for details.