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This page is designed to offer some helpful advice.
  • When designing and preparing for a frameless shower enclosure, it is important that the configuration that you have in mind will be compatiable for the hardware available. In some cases, a support material at the top of the shower may be necessary to offer adequate support. Glass door's generally cannot function properly if they are to be designed to hinge off another piece of glass that is greater than 12 inches. Anything larger and you risk shifting in the door due to non-support at the upper hinge side of the fixed panel. There are a few option's available to make the configuration work with the least amount of hardware. If you are in the planning stages, we highly recommend you discussing the frameless shower with Accent Glass prior to construction.
  • Removing old shower's and requesting a new frameless shower. We recommend that we come out and remove the old one and see if the tile may need to be repaired or replaced. Alway's, framed shower's have been drilled and anchored through the tile leaving holes. You will want to have these holes repaired by an experienced tile person. In some cases, the frame has been there for year's and the tile is discolored and needs repair. We can certainly plan for the shower to go along the old shower's path, but the clear glass can only hide so much.
  • Tile work should be adequately backed with a material that will handle the heavy glass and the glass door hinges and the stress of opening and closing of the door. Tile should be free of "bows". Otherwise you will have non-consistent caulk beads and weatherstripping. Also, hinges work on pivot points and bow's in the wall will make the hinges work against each other being on opposing planes. Out-of-square wall's are not a problem.
  • Leaking of showers. We make every attempt to make our shower's as leak proof as possible. Leaking typically happens when there are bow's in the wall's, tile threshold's or curb's are not properly sloped to the interior side or are not sloped at all. Further, if you have water jets shooting at the door, you can expect some leakage. 
  • Antique mirror's are hand made and all are not the same. Patterns very slightly from pattern to pattern and with French Antique having more spotting sheet to sheet, we recommend you coming by and us showing you the sheet prior to purchasing.
  • Mirror installation's. We make every attempt to make the mirror to fit the area as tight as possible. Further, we can not follow the wall shape or the inconsistencies that may be present. We alway's go to the tightest points.